by Rosa Chavez on June 20, 2019 on 3:36 pm

by Rosanna Langara on November 29, 2013 on 12:46 pm

On the occasion of the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion, Thai women activists made use of creative platforms to popularize taboo topics like abortion. An outdoor street performance, film screening and dialogue with young women, professionals and safe abortion advocates and allies sought to highlight abortion stories from women’s perspective.

by Valerie Miller on November 13, 2013 on 12:12 pm

What a gathering! I just got back from the JASS leadership course in Nicaragua with some 34 women activists from Mesoamerica—that part of the Americas that reaches from Panama all the way up to Mexico and everywhere in between.

by on November 7, 2013 on 12:44 pm

“There’s an act of dfiance ien going onstage,” says Rudo Chigudu, “Because everything about our stories is private…. When young women get married they’re told, ‘Don’t air your dirty laundry in public,’ [yet] the woman next door knows you’ve been beaten because you ran down the street half naked. But you’re still supposed to pretend that it’s [violence] this very private thing and you’re supposed to contain it.

by JASS on October 16, 2013 on 11:54 am

What does online activism mean for urban poor women? Misty Lorin, an urban poor community organizer of SAMAKANA (Samahan ng Maralitang Kababaihang Nagkakaisa or Organization of United Urban Poor Women), talks about successful online campaigns on women’s rights and making use of social media to provide spaces for women’s causes.

by Hope Chigudu on October 9, 2013 on 8:18 am

When a woman has been living life like that of ‘[a] rat on a treadmill,’ tired and resigned; in a state of hopelessness, helplessness and despair, on the brink of giving up—it is hard to see a way out.