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What fuels and directs JASS’ feminist movement building work? It’s BIG IDEAS such as POWER, INTERSECTIONALITY, FEMINISM, and FEMINIST POPULAR EDUCATION that shape how we see the world. It’s these concepts that animate all we do to transform it.

In Brief

JASS’ shared principles and values provide the compass for our decisions and direction as a movement-support organization. Our thinking is framed and informed by theories and concepts – Big Ideas – that are tried-and-tested in practice.


In Action

Watch short interviews from across the JASS community, explaining what Power, Intersectionality, Feminism and Feminist Popular Education mean in practice in different contexts.

In Depth

Dig deeper! Each Big Idea warrants attention to nuance, layers of history, and implications.

In Many Voices

In Groups

We support processes where activists forge meaning and strategy together. For each Big Idea, JASS offers participatory and transformative activities to shape the path.

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