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Pepe Lobo was inaugurated as the new president of Honduras today. After the inauguration, ousted president Mel Zelaya left Honduras with a “salvo conducto” pass from the new government. Although the Resistance opposed it, the new congress voted yesterday to grant amnesty to everyone involved with the military coup that took place on June 28th, 2009. Amnesty, however, does not extend to those who committed human rights violations during the oppressive coup regime, including the myriad violations against women that occurred, but as of yet there are no plans in place to persecute these criminals. 

Feminists in Resistance joined the greater resistance movement in a march to the airport to bid farewell to the ousted president. The massive group of protesters gathered at the end of the runway of Toncontin airport, the scene of a bloody conflict between protesters and the military on July 5th, 2009. Energy and spirits were high among the Feminists in Resistance, who chanted anti-coup slogans and shouted for women’s rights and pro-democracy to be upheld by the new regime, and for justice to prevail. “The coup leaders and perpetrators should be held accountable for their actions, especially for the violence against women and human rights defenders that went on with impunity these past several months. No more coups, no more violence against women!” said a protester. Today marks a closing point for many and the mood was one of exuberance tinged with sadness and disappointment as the democratically elected president of Honduras leaves the country.

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