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Alexa Bradley

Programme Director
United States

Alexa Bradley has worked as an organizer, facilitator, organizational strategist and popular educator for over 25 years, with a particular focus on linking community organizing to broader social movement strategies.

She founded and co-directed Milwaukee Water Commons, a ground-breaking environmental justice organization that puts ecological responsibility, racial equity and shared decision-making at the heart of Milwaukee’s water future. She also helped form Great Lakes Commons, a trans-border alliance of Native and non-native community leaders working to transform the care and governance of the Lakes.  She was a senior partner at the Grassroots Policy Project and On the Commons, providing tools and training to community change organizations, sat on the board for Windcall, an organizer residency program, and co-directed the Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action.  She graduated with honors from Yale University. 

Alexa lives in Brooklyn, NY. Yoga, long walks and gardening keep her sane.  Travel, art and the company of other creative activists keep her inspired.

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