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Everjoice Win

Southern Africa Regional Advisor & Board of Directors

A feminist-activist from Zimbabwe, Everjoice Win has been active in the women’s and social justice movements in Zimbabwe and the African continent for the greater part of her life. Involved in JASS Southern Africa’s early conceptual thinking, Everjoice remains a key advisor.

Currently the Director of Oxfam Zimbabwe, Everjoice has worked with the Women’s Action Group and Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF), and served as consultant to many local and international NGOs.  At ActionAid International, where she spent nine years, Everjoice was the head of one of the organization’s six thematic human rights themes – women’s rights. Based in AAI’s international secretariat in Johannesburg, she provided overall strategic leadership, guidance and support to the 47 member federation’s on programs, policy, and campaigns. Under her leadership AAI became one of the leading INGOs on women’s human rights.

Everjoice previously served as a Commonwealth Technical Advisor to the Commission on Gender Equality of South Africa. She has served on the boards of several civil society and women’s rights organizations. She is a co-founder of the pro-democracy National Constitutional Assembly of Zimbabwe and the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.

Everjoice is also a frequent writer and contributor to newspapers, magazines and journals.

Articles and Publications

When sharing female identity is not enough: coalition building in the midst of political polarisation in Zimbabwe – Oxfam, GB 2004

Blog Posts

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