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Document activist insights

“This report brings a feminist and social movement perspective to the urgent question of why advances in legal and institutional protections for women human rights defenders, women activists and their organizations are more at risk than ever. We hope this publication sparks further discussion and collective reflection on these important questions!”

Justice and Peace Netherlands comment on JASS’ publication, Rethinking Protection, Power and Movements

JASS publishes insights, tools, and analysis to resource activists and to inform thinking and decisions on critical issues.

JASS is committed to sharing the knowledge and continued learning harvested through our work equipping and accompanying activists and movements. We are a recognized resource for activists, offering methodologies and tools for organizing, and a thought leader on critical issues related to movement building, feminist approaches to activist safety and human rights, strategies for analyzing power and risk, and cross movement alliances.

We distill insights from our work across regions to produce analysis, case studies, articles, toolkits, manuals, videos, podcasts, webinars, and other forms of knowledge – even poetry and song – sharing that we believe will contribute to smarter and more transformative strategies for change. We share stories from our work in regular newsletters and social media postings to reach a broad and diverse audience. We make these products available on our website and other online platforms

We Rise: Movement Building Reimagined

In 2016 we launched our movement builders’ platform and toolkit: We Rise: Movement Building Reimagined. We Rise is a dynamic and accessible online resource that features ideas, tools, and stories for movement builders everywhere. Since its launch, We Rise has reached 29,773 people in 99 countries. In 2021, we will launch We Rise in Spanish (Nos Movilizamos), for greater reach in Mesoamerica and Spanish-speaking communities.

“[We Rise] is really aesthetically beautiful and engaging. The organization is simple and elegant. 4 major areas. Key ideas within each area. Practical tools for each key idea. A way to download each tool singly or save to an area for later downloading. There are lots of ways for a person to navigate and organize themselves within the site, to make it theirs. I will, for sure, be coming back and checking out the various activities and adding to my personal toolkit, as well as to read the movement stories.”

Alyssa Schwartz, Organizational Development Facilitator

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