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by Mia Nikasimo (c)

Feminism is an activism
In the service of equal
Rights for all women with
-out exception; all of us.
Congratulate yourself
When you hear echoes of
The gunshots pow, pow followed by a ring, ring,
Hits concrete or metal,
Setting my nerves on end.
Don’t call yourself a
You de-feminist yourself
Everytime you turn the
Vocal screw sreaming
With hatred because I
Became a woman,
A woman in a body of one’s own out of the 20s
Or the lonely wells of the
When Jen said she
Always thought of me as
Such you sizzled & hissed.
I saw how much burden
You carried, always trying
In complicity & truth at
The same time, yours.
In such a forced, false way
You held me as a friend.
Feminism isn’t intolerant
People are, people like
You who must protect
Other from as if I were a
Insipid Infestation or so?
All that is yours, all yours
Even when you echo the
Thoughts phobic in
others as favour.
Every opportunity your
Pounce oblivious again &
Again only you can’t
Recollect when tasked with what worse you did.
All I want is a body; mine
Governed here by me.
Don’t congratulate me then conflagrate and say
‘Always a friend then put
Me up for the hit.

Mia Nikasimo, a Nigerian poet and translesbian, is a guest writer for Black Looks, a blog authored and moderated by Sokari Ekine.

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