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We call forth the future in the sense that we make the path by walking. JASS is resilient, creative, and persistent in its engagement. Some mistakes are made but we never give up. We learn a lot on the job and hence our work in that walking allows the future to emerge. It is not just any kind of work, but careful work that makes it clear that every person matters…as a principle – this is the core of JASS’ humanity; that it is not just every person, but every moment, everything we do that matters.”

Hope Chigudu, JASS Builder, Co-fonder and Southern Africa Advisor

JASS is guided by the vision of a just, equitable, and sustainable world that centers the care of people and the planet.

The social transformation we want to see requires deep shifts in the structures and dynamics of power so that all people can live together with freedom and dignity. We work towards a world that protects the rights of all people, regardless of who they are, where they live, or what they believe. We believe in deep democracy in both the personal and public spheres where all people respect their differences, find common ground, and participate without fear in the decisions that affect their lives.

Freedom, dignity, respect and wellbeing are not mere lofty words. They hold meaning to the women we work with.


To have mobility, freedom of movement and association, and autonomy in decision‐making including about our own bodies, freedom of thought and expression, freedom of sexual expression, and reproductive autonomy.


To be visible, recognized, acknowledged, counted. In other words: not stigmatized, shamed, marginalized, or judged as inferior for any reason.


To be accepted and not discriminated for who we are, what we stand for, our knowledge and experience, regardless of our identities, location, or other factors.


To have the rights and resources to enable us, our families, and communities to thrive; the right to care for and protect ourselves.

This vision requires deep democracy both as a governance framework as well as a value that permeates relationships at the personal and community level. This means all the key institutions that impact the spaces in which women, and especially poor and working class women, transact their daily lives, fulfill their obligation to advance equality and protect the rights of all people. This means the conscious pursuit of policies and practices that eradicate all forms of violence, and of economic and social development models that are sustainable for the planet and all its people.

JASS believes that such transformation is possible only when the voice, visibility, and collective organizing power of women is strengthened. Considering and incorporating women’s perspectives on issues like peace, development, sustainability, equity, democracy, and accountable governance are key to creating just and complete visions of socio-economic and political transformation.

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