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By Millcent Tanhira (GALZ)

A small stature, a giant voice, a powerful spirit
How best can I describe you, words fail me.
Your wit, intelligence and determination
Amidst all the struggle and condemnation
With the stubbornness of a horse, you still rose
Stood higher than your own height could reach
Fought with your every breath till the end.
A true hero, you are.
Saka ndichiti Zororai murugare

Your were crucified and vilified,
Yet could not be terrified for you still sacrificed
Where others where running away, you stood your ground
Gave voice to the voiceless, fought tirelessly for all
For what you believed you stood bravely
Your never-die spirit will be cherished
A cadre, a colleague, genuine CDE for our struggle
Lala Kahle

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