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JASS builds women’s
collective power for justice.

Women are on the frontline of crises and change around the world, defending people and the planet. We strengthen the voice, visibility, and collective power of women to join with others in forging a just, sustainable future for all.

What We’re Changing

We work with women and organizations to change the beliefs and structures that drive economic inequality, environmental destruction, and gender-based as well as political violence. The women we work with and their contexts define the specific issues we address in relation to: Voice (to be counted and heard), Resources (livelihoods, jobs, land, environment), Bodies (wellbeing, sexuality, reproductive justice), and Safety (at home and in the streets).


Women gain freedom of expression and the right to participate, and have a voice and power in decisions that affect them in personal and public arenas.


Women have bodily integrity and autonomy, including on sex and sexuality, reproductive and sexual rights, gender identity, health and wellbeing, and are free from violence.


Women have access to decent livelihoods, including work and labor rights, and the right to sustainably use and protect their territories, land, forests and water.


Women feel safe to be who they are in all aspects of their lives, in their homes, workplaces, organizations and the streets, and are able to exercise their rights and participate politically without facing violence.

Tools & Insights We Offer

Visit our multimedia platform created by movement builders for movement builders everywhere and check out our contextual analysis and insights from the frontlines.

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