Our Executive Director, Lisa VeneKlasen, has some big and exciting news to share!

Changes & New Beginnings

If you're looking for fun, easy-to-read feminist content, check out our latest tool produced in collaboration with FURIA and Raising Voices. The Zines toolkit features resources on movement building, self and collective care, intersectionality, and working in repressive contexts.  

Resources on Ending Violence against Women

In recent months, abortion bans have dominated the headlines. But these battles are not only happening in the U.S. We talked to colleagues and allies about abortion rights in Nicaragua, Mexico, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe – and what that means for people who need to access the full range of reproductive care.

Fighting for Abortion Access amid Bans & Gag Rules

In this publication, co-author Margo Okazawa-Rey provides a deep contextual analysis of how women are organizing to resist and confront converging political and economic crises, and why feminist movement building matters as a strategy to counter backlash.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

What does it mean to question underlying assumptions and rethink our protection approaches? Together with the Fund for Global Human Rights, JASS offers thisexciting multi-media webpage in English and Spanish, a contribution to the ongoing discussions on protection and closing space.

Defending Rights in Hostile Contexts
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