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Sharing what we’ve learned

From action comes learning. From learning comes knowledge. Drawing on our historical roots and nearly 20 years of sustained work with social movements around the world, JASS produces research designed to support activists, inspire allies, educate policymakers, and inform donors. We hope these resources spur smarter thinking and more strategic responses to inequality, and help others build a multiracial and ecologically sound future.

Big Ideas

JASS feminist movement-building is powered by big ideas – progressive principles and approaches in action to understand and transform society through collective action. These include: Power, Feminisms, Intersectionality and others. Stay tuned for these soon.


Watch this space for resources from our friends around the world.

Berta Lives! Copinh Continues…

Visit Sur: International Journal on Human Rights for the full text of this article. This academic article, published on Sur, contextualizes and analyzes women-led resistance to patriarchy, capitalism, and racism in Central America. In the shadow of Central America’s historical violence, JASS authors Ardon and Flores look to feminists and indigenous women as the front line…

Are We Sweeping Domestic Violence Under the Rug?

As an avid fan of the TV show, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, I couldn’t help but take interest in its latest episode which was receiving a lot of outrage over its portrayal of a fictional celebrity couple that mimicked real life couple, Rihanna and Chris Brown’s violent relationship. As I was browsing through different blogs…

Breaking out of the Boxes

I am a writer, and an avid reader. But I am always left thinking where the stories about me are? When do I ever read a story in which I can see or even feel me? I’m black, I’m a woman, I’m queer, and I hail from the colonially-designated geographical space called Zimbabwe on the continent of Africa. All…

13 insights from the front lines of human rights activism by David Mattingly


Activism and ideas come to life in our audio and visual recordings, including documentary series, country spotlights, interviews, and radio segments.


We have many other resources that link to current topics and debates. Check them out here.

Indispensable Measures to ensure the Holistic Protection And Leadership of WHRDs

Over a dozen global organizations that work for the protection of women human rights defenders, have created a historical document containing urgent measures for the protection of women human rights defenders.

We’ve Had Enough: A Call to Action to Protect Women Human Rights Defenders & Their Communities

On the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, we gathered with women human rights defenders from 19 countries to demand an end to the violence and discrimination that continues to put their lives, rights, and indispensable work for justice and equality at risk. Read the list of demands to the UN,…

Defending Rights in Hostile Contexts

Over the past three years, local activists and international groups supporting them have invested considerable effort in addressing ‘the closing space for civil society’ and protecting human rights defenders (HRDs) and their organizations and movements. And yet, HRDs continue to face enormous risks from escalating backlash. There is a collective sense among all those working…

Civic Explorations Newsletter

“There is no revolution without the other 51%: lessons from feminist movements about how change happens.” In this edition, HIVOS and JASS team up to feature women’s civic activism.

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