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Sharing what we’ve learned

From action comes learning. From learning comes knowledge. Drawing on our historical roots and nearly 20 years of sustained work with social movements around the world, JASS produces research designed to support activists, inspire allies, educate policymakers, and inform donors. We hope these resources spur smarter thinking and more strategic responses to inequality, and help others build a multiracial and ecologically sound future.

Big Ideas

JASS feminist movement-building is powered by big ideas – progressive principles and approaches in action — to understand and transform society. These include: Power, Feminism, Intersectionality, and Feminist Popular Education.



These materials include curricula, frameworks, exercises, tips, and concepts – designed to strengthen activist leadership, strategy and movement building.

Visit our new learning platform, a multimedia resource for movement builders everywhere.



Activism and ideas come to life in our audio and visual recordings, including documentary series, country spotlights, interviews, and radio segments.




Watch this space for resources from our friends around the world.

Disability, Sexuality And Consent: How Activists are Reshaping the Narrative

When it comes to sexuality, consent and disability, CREA believes speaking about joy and pleasure is as important as speaking about exclusion and discrimination. In our endeavor to support the creation of enabling spaces in which people with disabilities can lead discussions on sexuality, gender and rights, CREA, in partnership with T Brand Studio (@tbrandstudio),…

IUCN Policy Matters: Special Issue on Environmental Defenders

The stories and voices of environmental defenders across the globe: Special issue of Policy Matters. IUCN’s goal with this issue is to provide a broad and diverse perspective on the current reality of the struggle of environmental defenders, stressing the urgent need to change the mindset of the conservation community and spread awareness of these…

Collective Care and Radical Healing

by Calal Fondo de Mujeres, Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres, Femininst Hiking Collective

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