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Since the coup d’etat, Honduras has suffered many blows. The military has maintained its power, in ways both visible and invisible and brought a wave of threats and death into our lives.
We live in fear here everyday thinking in a series of ‘what ifs’:

‘What if they invade the Zacate Grande neighborhood again?’

‘What if they militarize the Aguan region?’;

‘What if they murder another journalist?’;

‘What if one of our friends turns up dead?’;

‘What if I’m next on the list?’

In this regime that attempts to pass itself of as democratic, all voices of dissent are silenced by repressive forces with bullets, bombs, tear gas, water cannons, and clubs. Such is the case with the teachers, men and women who are fighting to maintain the limited social guarantees they possess. Meanwhile, at The Autonomous University of Honduras, two students have been on a hunger strike since early May, and no one in the government seems to care.

The country is in chaos. The Resistance continues, and will carry on, supporting and marching in the streets in solidarity with these and other struggles that have arisen from the critical blow to Honduran democracy suffered on the 28th of June. Every time we leave our homes we do so with the certainty that they will be waiting for us, in their uniforms and with their guns. We try steel ourselves mentally, only to realize that we can never be prepared for the terror induced by being tear gassed; the brutality of seeing our friends struck down with clubs; the fury with which they attack our bodies as women and, although difficult to believe, those of girls and boys.

The disproportionate use of brute force by the army in these instances is inhumane. It belies the notion of this ‘reconciliation’ government. How can we reconcile as a Honduran people when the truth is silenced with the blow of a club? How can we speak the truth when journalists are murdered? No, we will not be silenced. Just like they can’t hold back spring, they will not be able to hold back a people who stand up and raise their voices against injustice to yell: ‘A people united, will never be defeated!!!!’ Our Resistance is filled with beauty, art, music and great love for our Honduras.

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