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Zephanie Repollo

Southeast Asia Regional Director

Zeph is a Filipina human-rights and environmental/climate justice activist, feminist, communicator, strategist, and political popular educator working with diverse networks in Southeast Asia, particularly rural and indigenous women and LGBTQ community in defense of land, water, territories, and rights. Zeph co-leads the JASS Southeast Asia team’s overall strategy direction as Regional Co-director. Zeph brings her many years of experience with grassroots organizing in diverse context across Southeast Asia, as well as her creative approaches to strategy and programs. She spends her free time snorkelling, or organizing pajama parties with her kids. Raised in the Philippines, Zeph witnessed the demise and destruction of unprotected and vulnerable sources of life which as a result increased the burden of women and girls at the frontline fighting for change. This is what motivates and inspires her to commit her time and energy towards the cause of women and environmental rights. Zeph imparts her leadership through activism, creativity, and international solidarity rooted in care and justice with marginalize women and peoples at the frontline.

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