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Pantsunburma shares her reflections at the JASS Crossregional Dialogue.

I could learn experience sharing form difference region. JASS each regional group is come from different continent, background and political situation which make different contacts, approaches and strategies. At first I thought, the situation of women in Southeast Asia is worse than other part of the world. However different among us there are lots of common similarities. I can learn that we women from all over the world are suffering  many same problems such as domestic violence, invisible, stay behind the family responsibility, taboo, poverty, victim of  culture, gap between senior and young feminist,.. under the patriarchy system because of being women. Mesoamerica has longest Feminist movement herstory than the rest of two groups. I can learn many things from JASS friends’ and seniors’ personality. Especially JASS senior are extremely social activist, good sense in humor, no sense of patriarchy, no discrimination, brave, smart,… Personal connections make me empower to crossing the line and it’s becoming my tuning point. I admire them and they become my model. I’m eager to study English to communicate smoothly with friends who are living in different continent. Smooth communication makes us easy to share experiences and understand each other speedily. It’s the foundation of networking.  

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