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Lisa Veneklasen, JASS Executive Director, celebrates the news and congratulates JASS board member, Lori Heise:
I wanted to share some great news from our fellow JASS-ist, Lori Heise. As many of you may know, Lori Heise began the fight for women-controlled HIV prevention technology – microbicides – over 20 years ago. She was anxious to find some way to address the reality that many women were/are unable to negotiate condom use and thus more vulnerable to HIV. The Global Campaign for Microbicides, which she founded, created the pressure and the research needed to persuade the scientific and pharmaceutical worlds that microbicides were worth investing in! While many donors and others joined the fight later and attracted more attention, we can thank Lori and her colleagues at the Campaign for being brave pioneers. GO LORI! We’re proud to have you on the board! Read more here.

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