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This year, we are proud to be celebrating the 10th year of JASS’ annual regional campaign One Day, One Voice (ODOV), which aims to unite the initiatives of women across Southeast Asia around the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. 

The ODOV as a campaign continues to build from regional partners’ common ground and to strengthen sisterhood solidarity among Southeast Asian women around social and gender justice. It remains a vibrant testament to the power of sustained grassroots and local-to-regional organizing.

For 16 days (Nov. 25 – Dec. 10), thousands of women from Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma/Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Timor-Leste will spotlight this year’s ODOV theme, “People are the Solution!” through street protests, photo exhibits, murals, writing competitions, peace marches, online dialogues, panel discussions, Facebook live chats, Twitter rallies, and media events. 

Below are quotes from regional partners who share with us how being a part of ODOV for the past 10 years has impacted them. One Day, One Voice 2020 image - women united

“One of the biggest changes we are seeing is that more women are taking the lead in terms of movement building and being involved in political and social actions. The past ten years, many problems have remained more or less the same, however, women have become more vocal and have risen up as leaders in different movements. One factor for this is the continued efforts of women activists and organizers in educating people about women’s issues. Women have become more confident because they are now empowered with knowledge and skills. They are now more aware of their fundamental rights.”

“Today there are more opportunities for women activists to reach across transnational boundaries and unite with women in other countries. The expansion of this network of women’s organizations that JASS has helped in forming has been significant in uniting women and finding solutions to women’s issues. Workshops and the exchange of knowledge has helped in capacity building of women leaders in different communities both in their own countries and across borders.”

One Day, One Voice 2020 image - women in a protest“As a regional campaign, One Day One Voice (ODOV) has helped in raising the calls of women as: advocates, activists, human rights defenders and community leaders who have been given a platform in order to raise awareness about issues they feel strongly about. ODOV has also helped members test their new capacities for organizing and mobilizing, putting into practice movement building from the grassroots. JASS in particular has been instrumental in bringing women across countries together, and has been helpful in providing support – financially and through capacity building – to organizations keen on carrying out their projects: social media, creative and cultural activities, community discussions and actions.”

“One Day, One Voice (ODOV) is an opportunity for us to voice against tyranny, militarism, foreign intervention, misogyny, and all other concerns that threaten our human rights. This is a moment for sisterhood and a space for solidarity.”

“One Day, One Voice (ODOV) showcases the local-to-global organizing of women of Southeast Asia. We are proud to be part of the militant tradition of activism of the women’s movement of the Philippines.”

“It is a movement platform that joins diverse networks together across the region. It is a space to strengthen our power, to collect our voice, and to solve injustice and all kinds of violence against women. We are one. We stand together for our rights.”  

“Violence against women has been in existence for a long time. It has become worse in recent times. I invite you all not just to come celebrate with us the ODOV and the 16 One Day, One Voice 2020 image - women in the forest protecting their landDays of Activism against Gender-based Violence — but also to fight with us — especially women as women human rights defenders and as land defenders who fight for life.”  

The solidarity actions kicked off on the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (November 25) and will culminate on the International Human Rights Day (December 10). For 16 days, JASS highlights the importance of collective strength by continuing to speak out to end violence against women defenders, sexual violence, and other human rights violations. JASS is also centering women-led responses to address the pandemic, the disasters, as well as the gender-based violence and state-sponsored violence in the communities.

You can also be a part of the conversation! Let us know “Why are you joining this year’s ODOV?” Share your answers with us by posting it on Facebook and Twitter, tag @JASSSEA and use the hashtags #1Day1Voice and #PeopleAreTheSolution. Help  us share the messages of hope and resistance, generated by JASS and our many partners and allies around the region. Cheers to another ten years of feminist movement organizing to end violence!



Written and compiled by: Hoda Baraka



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