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From the green hills of Vermont, I send all my solidarity to the companeras and compañeros in Honduras and also to all those right at this minute who are in front of the White House and US embassies in other countries supporting the democracy in Honduras. Your collective resistance is inspiring not only because it is a demonstration of peace and solidarity from and with the Honduran citizenry but also shows the strong support for democracies and peoples around the world who are confronting multiple forces that weaken and overturn democratic institutions and practices. What is happening in Honduras opens up the possibility and probability that this kind of coup will occur in other places in Latin America and the world. As feminists, who have worked for so many years to advance and ensure women’s rights and human rights we cannot remain silent. Our futures are at stake as are those of the next generations. It is the opportunity for our government and our President Obama to show their firm and unquestionable commitment to democracies and the peaceful and noble struggles of courageous people who are defending their own rights and by so doing defending everyone’s democratic rights around the world. It is the moment when the US government should show its understanding that the democratic struggle and resistance seen in Honduras goes much farther than the borders of Central America. They touch all of humanity. The symbolic hope of President Obama has been contagious and one that now inspires women and men around the world. Today demonstrators go to the gates of US embassies with new expectations. Whether they will be addressed will depend on the strength of their movements and the voices within the Administration and the White House who are truly committed to democracy. With profound respect and expectation, I sent a special greeting of solidarity to the Honduran Feminist in Resistance, and all those who are marching at their sides in Washington and other places – JASS, Code Pink, Women of Color United, Foreign Policy in Focus, the Petateras, Feminist International Radio Endeavor.

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