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JASS and Las Petateras are participating actively in the 11th Feminist Forum in Mexico City. The 6th Feminist Transformation Watch began with Radio Petatera, a radio program broadcast on Feminist International Radio Endeavor (FIRE). Guests to the show included a transexual woman who sparked an intense debate about the necessity of feminist spaces to be inclusive of all women, regardless of weather or not they were born into female bodies. Today´s program brought up issues of indigenous women´s movements as well as the inclusion of women with disabilities in feminist spaces, with two visually impaired women interviewed during the program. JASS and Las Petateras also convened a workshop on Technology for Feminist Movements, delivered to a packed audience, that provoked a lively and intense discussion about the use of new media tools for organizing and building women´s movements. Las Petateras held a space for the Feminist Transformation Watch were diverse women were able to share their stories about how they came to feminism and how they cross the line in their personal lives. The session produced a very intimate and open space for sharing and connecting among us that is an often overlooked and vital part of our movement building. The feminist movement, historically fractured and divided, needs more spaces like these for listening to each other and understanding each other in order to build upon our differences and create a stronger and more unified movement.

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