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Dear Stephen Lewis,

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to attend the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City. This meaningful experience provided us with the chance to get to know the political dynamics of HIV/AIDS face to face, and to be able to speak for ourselves as women affected by HIV/AIDS.


 The experience was empowering for me. It was my first time facilitating at an international AIDS conference. I am more than ready now to attend the rest of the conference and engage critically on issues relating to women especially in Africa.

– Sindi Blose, South Africa

Many people who work within the HIV and AIDS field do not realize the impact of the hate crimes, the impact that it has on HIV and the exposure that women have to HIV due to these crimes. … And within the law itself, the women are not even acknowledged

We have lesbian women being attacked, raped, beaten up, murdered because of their sexuality. And there are no policies at all that protect these women within our country and mainly, this is fueled by the criminalization of same sex relationships.

– Patience Mandishona

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