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Written by Amanda Awethu

I cannot believe I almost gave up on coming to Cape Town for the 11th AWID Forum. I was on the verge of giving up as I had hassles trying to get the South African visa – every time I go to apply for a visa (twice a year), there are always new rules. Anyway, I am happy to be connecting with feminists and getting affirmation that feminism is the way to go in my work and my life.

It has been a most wonderful experience just connecting with South-East Asian and Meso-American, and other Southern African sisters with whom I am traveling the journey in women’s movement building with JASS. The meeting with powerful sisters from the world over who I have only read about in news and books made the icing on the cake. The march for women’s rights today made up for the exercise I have starved my body of this week. The only issue that keeps disturbing me is the health condition of the Zimbabwean champion for people living with HIV, Lynde Francis.

Tonight, I finally got my computer to cooperate, and immediately took Irene through a blogging lesson (I wonder if she will be up in time for the plenary tomorrow morning). She has set up herself as a blogger now, and now only awaits Ana’s invitation to the JASS blog.

I am now looking forward to the last two days of the forum, as the weather has become so friendly, and I am enjoying Cape Town again.

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