Maria Mustika

Indonesia Country Coordinator

Maria Mustika brings her limitless energy and work ethic along with a deep background in gender and diversity issues to the JASS Southeast Asia core team. Based in Indonesia, Maria credits the JASS MBI in 2008 for introducing her to feminism and to the power analysis, “my first liberation and celebration of my womanhood [was at the MBI], and since then, I can’t stop myself and endorse women’s needs everywhere I go.” Maria is a talented photographer and writer as well as a grassroots organiser for the rights of LGBT people in her region with the organisation, Centre for Marginalised and Community Studies (CMARS).

Previously, Maria worked on gender mainstreaming with Savy Amira, a local NGO in Surabaya. She then joined the LGBT group, GAYa Nusantara. She currently speaks against violence as a member of the Indonesian Women Coalition.

Maria is also passionate about film and photography.

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