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Fatima Valdivia

Global Programmes Strategy Coordinator

Fátima is a Peruvian feminist anthropologist, Master in Gender and Public Policies, a sexual and reproductive rights activist, an abortion information facilitator and mother based in Peru.
As Global Program Strategy Coordinator, Fátima currently is in charge of supporting JASS’ global advocacy and knowledge production work.

Fátima joined JASS with over 15 years of experience working with several women’s and human rights organizations regionally and globally, and supporting Women Human Rights Defenders work towards social justice. She believes that, whenever possible, life should not go without laughter and dancing. She loves reading, taking care of her plants, spending time with friends, travelling and cooking for the loved ones. In her own words, “I do what I do because life can only be sustained with freedom and social justice, and because the only inheritance I can give my daughter is a more fair world (or at least me fighting for it)”.

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