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Paulina Baez

Interpreter (English-Spanish)
Mexico/ Canada

Paulina is a feminist interpreter that brings more than 20 years of experience interpreting for human rights, indigenous, land defender, and feminist organizations. Her background is in community action, cultural anthropology, geography, theatre, and a Masters of Conference Interpreting. She began facilitating sexual health workshops in 2003, after which she co-devised workshops with street youth in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. An interest in pedagogy led her to Popular Education and Theatre of the Oppressed methodologies at the age of 21, which she began integrating in workshops with children and youth in Oaxaca and in Dominican Republic. She later trained in acting, movement, and voice for five years. Her undergraduate anthropological interests focused on the intersection between ethnography and art, and the connection between indigenous activists and artists around the world. She is passionate about social justice, feminist popular education, collective power, and food sovereignty. . Paulina is intent on creating spaces for inclusion and diversity through communication. She fosters solidarity by helping different communities and movements share their wisdom, experiences, and strategies. When Paulina is not interpreting, she can be found working on farms, tending to the garden, writing, and cooking with friends.

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