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Anna Davies-van Es

Director of Evaluation and Funding Partnerships
South Africa

Anna is a feminist popular educator and activist, based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is an experienced organizer, facilitator and systems builder, interested in challenging all forms of oppression and sustaining feminist movements. In her role as Cross-Regional Director of Evaluation and Funding Partnerships, Anna ensures coherence between JASS’ strategic vision and principles of movement-building (the internal systems that drive our organization and how we capture our impact). Anna brings 15 years of experience organizing, coordinating and facilitating popular education for movements and NGOs; and over 9 within JASS, bridging the divide between programmes, operations and finance. When not sending detailed emails or attending virtual meetings, Anna likes to experiment with feminist parenting, reading books that require minimal attention and pouring another glass of wine. Anna is committed to recognizing, understanding and resisting all forms of oppression, is sensitive to issues of privilege (including her own) and believes that radical change is possible through building collective power.

Articles and Publications

My Dream Is To Be Bold: Our Work to End Patriarchy, FemAl/Pambazuka Press: 2010

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