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Lori Cajegas

Programme Coordinator Power Up! Consortium
The Netherlands

Lori is a feminist & well-rounded advocate and programme leader with roots in the Philippines and the Netherlands where she currently lives with her multiracial family. Lori coordinates the work of the Power Up! Consortium, a feminist alliance of women rights organisations in which JASS is the lead. She coordinates the delivery of the Power Up! programme together with colleagues from the different Power Up! working groups to ensure coherence, sustained commitment and maximum added value of strategic partners.

Topics on power, women’s voice and political participation have always been close to Lori’s heart. “The personal is political”, is one of Lori’s most loved feminist principles which led her to work for JASS in 2021. In her spare time, Lori loves to swim, play the ukulele and combine fusion recipes to create healthy and yummy dishes that she collects for her future resto, “Lori’s Fusion” .
Lori through her dedication to make power central to movement building and influencing contributes to turning feminist conversations into influencing actions.

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