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Ana Luisa Ahern

Communications Consultant
United States

An accomplished artist and photographer, Ana Luisa brings a combination of creative and artistic talents, tech skills, and infectious energy to her work in all JASS regions. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Ana Luisa has played a key role in generating JASS’ lively and alternative communications, especially in the sparky short videos she edits, while her arresting graphic design and color palettes established a distinct identity for JASS publications and web presence.

Ana Luisa grew up in Honduras and in the United States. After studying Art History and Visual Arts at Barnard College in New York City, she returned to Honduras where she co-founded a youth organization called OYE to provide education, leadership training, and capacity building to low-income children and young adults. Among other adventurous pursuits, Ana Luisa has climbed mountains, crossed deserts and glaciers, and trained as a scuba instructor.

She went on to study at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands, and the Center for Development Studies in Trivandrum, India. She has also worked closely with the Self-Employed Women’s Association in Ahmadabad, India.

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