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Dina Lumbantobing

Strategic Advisor & Training

Dina Lumbantobing is a gender & development specialist, trainer & consultant, with a focus on women’s economic and political empowerment and organizing. She co-founded PESADA (Sada Ahmo Association), a Sumatra-based NGO that fights ethnic discrimination and promotes women’s rights. PESADA launched a women’s economic development program through women’s credit union groups that provides training, health services and political education for women and children on Nias Island. Currently, Dina supports the work of the Sinceritas Women Crisis Center which works to combat violence against women, and implements capacity building initiatives with women survivors, local NGOs and activists.

Since the disastrous February 2005 tsunami, the bulk of Dina’s work has been in the recovery area on Nias Island, working closely with women on food distribution, healthcare, and women’s economic development projects. Widely published, Dina has written several books with PESADA on the struggles of women in politics in North Sumatra, integrating gender, reproductive health and sexuality in her teaching. She currently serves on the Executive Council of ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education) for Southeast Asia Region, and is an Ashoka Innovators for the Public fellow.

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