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Ellen Sprenger

South Africa

Inspired, she says, by wide-open spaces and people who believe that anything is possible, Ellen herself inspires wide-open thinking among the feminists and social justice leaders, organizations and movements that she works to strengthen.

In addition to two Masters degrees, one in Development Studies and another in Business Administration, Ellen brings an in-depth understanding of the world of social-change funding, a field in which she is highly respected. During the1990s, she held several leadership positions at Oxfam-Novib; in the early 2000s, she headed Mama Cash, a dynamic foundation based in Amsterdam; and she chairs the board of the Women Win Foundation. From the organization she founded, Spring Strategies, Ellen strengthens leaders and organizations through a combination of coaching, capacity-building and strategy development.

Ellen loves exercise, especially kayaking, snowshoeing and hiking, as well as anything created by Apple. Originally from the Netherlands, she has made her home in Canada and now South Africa.

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