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Orfe Castillo Osorio

Mesomamerica Regional Director

Orfe is a feminist, with a degree in philosophy and over 30 years of experience working with women’s organizations, networks, and government institutions developing collective initiatives primarily to strengthen women’s political participation, the right to a life free of violence, sexual and reproductive rights and the protection of defenders from a critical and progressive perspective.
Orfe recently transitioned into the role of Regional Director for JASS Mesomerica.

Orfe continues to lead the strategy of JASS in the region and is a representative in the Mesoamerican Defenders Initiative. In her spare time, she enjoys talking and traveling with her son and mother, silently watching the street and life of Mexico City while drinking coffee, dancing and chatting with friends.Orfe believes that politically meeting with other women was fundamental to her critically rethinking her private life and the world. The power of collective gatherings between women guides her work for the construction of a world in which all the voices of the human experience, especially the poorest, be recognized in their legitimacy, with dignity and capacity.

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