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Laura Zúniga Cáceres

Feminist Popular Educator

Laura Zúniga Cáceres is from La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras. Since her adolescence, she has participated in youth, communication and popular education spaces in her community. After the coup détat in Honduras, she migrated to Argentina where she participated in youth and feminist movements and spaces for popular education.

In the last few years, Laura dedicated herself to fighting for justice and the rights of Indigenous peoples, especially the Lenca people in the last few years. Currently living in Le Esperanza, she works as a popular feminist educator with JASS Mesoamerica.

Laura received the Human Rights Award of the Spanish Lawyers – XXI Edition, and was named Human Rights Champion by the UN in the framework of the ‘Defend today’ campaign. Laura is the daughter of the renowned environmentalist Berta Cáceres (RIP), one of the great women land defenders.

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