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Irene Lindenhovius

Program Coordinator

Irene is a Dutch-Basque geographer passionate about feminism and social justice, based in Bilbao – Basque country. As part of the cross-regional team, Irene plays a supportive role in the areas of fundraising, communications and MEL.

Irene has over 10 years of experience of working with movement-based organizations across Latin America, indigenous communities in Bolivia, a community based economic justice network in Honduras and feminist organizations in Nicaragua. Her academic background comes from Social Geography, which leads Irene to always contextualize and localize, and to pay attention to culture and context. Irene likes cooking and photography, and takes every opportunity to explore new places and cultures. Being Basque, Irene is always interested in minority cultures, and has a passion for learning languages. Irene describes herself as versatile, having occupied a lot of different positions, but whatever she does and wherever she goes, Irene always likes to find ways to contribute to social justice and radical change in small or big ways.

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