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Stuti Tripathi

Digital Communications Coordinator

Stuti is a feminist activist, digital security enthusiast and a researcher who believes in the transformative power of storytelling and writing. Stuti has an avid interest in gender, sexuality, law, climate justice, media, and art. Currently based in India, Stuti works with the crossregional and regional teams as the Digital Communications Coordinator at JASS.

Prior to working with JASS, Stuti has worked with several feminist non-profits in India such as CREA, PLD, and YWCA in areas of communications, global advocacy, and program management. Stuti holds a bachelors and masters in English Literature and Gender Studies respectively. She is passionate about advocating rights for all and is deeply enthusiastic about engaging with and learning from young activists and youth-led movements. Stuti feels the liveliest amidst nature and enjoys photography, reading and binging on desserts in her free time.

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