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Can interactive play help us understand how to transform power and oppressive systems in the pursuit for a liberated world?

JASS teamed up with SOAS alum Tasha Pick and Onyeka Nwabunnia in building an interactive game, whose central idea is to explore how to transform power and oppressive systems for a liberated world.

JASS brings movement experience and theory rooted in praxis.  The game is a movement-oriented methodology which we see as a way to engage and challenge SOAS students and staff to become more radically propositional in their scholarship.

We believe we normalize oppressions in the everyday as a way of surviving. To make new worlds that are racially just we need to get ourselves into a state of radical imagination, and play is indispensable to that.

Play can catalyze, recover, inspire, and activate radical and liberating possibilities which is in and of itself transformational.

Printing instructions

For boarding game, use A3 size cardboard stock and cards, 9 x 5cm.

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