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We are living in challenging times where democracy is being undermined and authoritarianism is on the rise. Political elites continue to consolidate power through officially elected positions, while the far-right, including fundamentalist religious groups, wield considerable influence on policy agendas and issues that impact people’s lives.

If our vision is to reimagine and rebuild our world and institutions that are just and inclusive, how do we get there? Can Global South Feminism provide us with the playbook for resisting and challenging authoritarianism, and imagining and building radically different futures? Recorded December 9, 2020.

Women Radically Transforming a World in Crisis, dialogue series, was born in response to the need for new spaces for political conversation, community, and strategizing at a time of lockdown and isolation. It takes its inspiration from the bold feminist agenda created for the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women. Visit our website for more information:….

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