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A New Weave of Power, People & Politics combines both popularized political theory with tools, methods, frameworks and case studies for understanding, building and mobilizing collective power for social, economic and political justice and rights at the heart of effective movement-building. Based on 25 years of activism, popular education, movement-building, community organizing, and advocacy experiences in dozens of countries and globally, A New Weave draws on the real-life perspectives and less known theories about liberation, human rights and transformation primarily from the Global South, making them relevant and useful to any context. Influenced by feminists, queer, economic and democracy activists, at the time of its publication in 2002 (reprinted in 2007), the guide was unique in its emphasis on structural and internalized power, local leadership and community-driven change discussed through the lens of gender/race/class. It was very influential in defining the strategies and planning frameworks for dozens of international and local NGOs and donors, and is widely used by universities in the US, Europe and Latin America. The approach, tools and network of popular educators who contributed to its content has been the foundation and framework for the building of JASS, its theory of change, and all its training and leadership programs up to the present. We Rise builds on A New Weave and includes many of its tools.

A New Weave of Power, People & Politics can be ordered through Practical Action Publishing.


Translations available in English, FrenchRussian, and Spanish.


Since the book has been published, we have received enthusiastic feedback from around the world:

The Action Guide is an exciting and welcome route map for civil society activism … because it is not prescriptive … and examines power and change. The manual challenges dominant assumptions, defines key political concepts within value systems, sets out action strategies and gives guidelines and a comprehensive toolkit for negotiation, advocacy and organizing. It provides important insights on the role and process of political consciousness and empowerment in advancing the rights and participation of excluded groups … and recognizes the difficult choices women and other marginalized groups face when they confront power. ~ Hope Chigudu, African feminist and social change leader (more reviews)


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