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Inspired, Energized & Connected: JASS at the AWID 2016 Forum

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A few weeks have passed since the AWID 2016 Forum, but we are still excited to have participated in this powerful convening. From September 8-11, we joined nearly 2000 diverse participants from across the globe in Brazil. From the Black Feminist Forum and plenaries, to sessions and hubs, we were incredibly inspired and energized by what we heard, learned and offered. Together with allies, we shared stories and tools for cross-movement power and change. The Forum invited us to co-create and imagine our feminist futures together, and we did just that! We left the Forum more hopeful as Arundhati Roy said, “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

Below are some of the highlights:

JASS’ Booth was the space to be

A dynamic and interactive space showcasing JASS resources, our booth also featured our Women Crossing the Line (WCL) platform. We asked participants to share how they cross the line, who/what inspires them to cross the line, and how they sustain crossing the line in a world where it’s becoming increasingly risky to do so. We got powerful responses that not only affirmed the importance of crossing the line, but built solidarity across diverse people and movements. Some wore our WCL t-shirt, while others grabbed the stickers. Together, we crossed lines and connected.woman at JASS Booth

woman at JASS Booth

woman at JASS Booth

woman at JASS Booth







Transformative Tools for Transformative Movements Launched!

We launched two new resources: WeRise: Movement Building Reimagined, and ICTs for Feminist Movement Building Activist Toolkit. Both toolkits were created by movement builders for movement builders. At the session, people experienced an array of methodologies, tools, insights and strategies, and heard from activists from Southern Africa, Mesoamerica and Southeast Asia whose work and tools was featured. This session gathered over 60 people from dozens of countries interested in building feminist movements and the strategic use of communications and media to support them.

people at the We Rise and ICT Toolkit launch

More highlights from our sessions & plenaries

JASS led and participated in many sessions and plenaries. Below is just a glimpse:

Together with partners from Indonesia, Guatemala and Nigeria, we gave presentations about indigenous and rural women’s struggles on the frontline of battles against extractives in the session, “Our voices matter: Cross-movement visions and strategies from Indigenous and rural women organizing for the world’s survival”

Vivi presenting at AWID

In the, “State of Our Feminist Movements” session, Marusia Lopez Cruz with others including friends Amina Mama, Natalie Jeffers, and Rudo Chigudu contributed to the thinking on types of organizing, organizational structure and strategies needed to effectively respond to challenges and opportunities in our movements.

state of movements session

At the Black Feminist Forum, our long-time JASSer, Maggie Mapondera helped represent us among her many affiliations in the historic gathering that gave the whole space energy, deeper politics and a more powerful voice. See Maggie’s piece: The Beautyful Ones are Here.

maggie and LVK at booth

In the closing plenary, “Key Forum Insights & Feminist Visions for the Future,” Marusia Lopez Cruz gave a moving reflection that reminded us that the world we came together to imagine was possible.

marusia speaking at closing plenary

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