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Myanmar: “We Will Fight until We Win”

Women have been at the forefront of the sustained resistance to stop the military coup and demand for democracy in Myanmar. Since 1 Feb 2021, when the military seized power, people from different communities and sectors took to the streets,…

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The Pandemic: Women Lead Responses

Women are stepping into this moment of crisis with great resolve, creativity, and resilience. While the multiple roles women play as caregivers, workers, and organizers make them more vulnerable, it also enables women to be critical first responders. Not only…

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The Pandemic: A Perspective From the Frontline

We’re months into a global health pandemic that U.N. Secretary-General, António Guterres has described as “the most challenging crisis we have faced since the Second World War". COVID-19 has killed thousands, infected millions, and changed our way of life. To better understand…

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