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Post-election: What is Zimbabwe’s clock telling us?

By Adelaide Mazwarira The real names of the four women highlighted in this article* have been changed for their safety.  Despite a chaotic election marred by blatant irregularities, Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared the winner, securing his second term as president.…

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Guatemala: A Revival of Hope 

By Laura Carlsen On August 20, Guatemalans achieved a victory they didn’t expect from the polls—wresting control out of the hands of a powerful elite that had imposed increasingly authoritarian rule over 17 million people, among the most impoverished in…

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Myanmar: Keeping the Fight Alive

On April 15, 2021, Myo Myo Aye, a prominent labour rights activist, was taken from her office and taken to a police station for interrogation before being transferred to Insein prison.
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Sowing Seeds of Collective Power

“We are women who unfortunately have been taught to be very submissive, but when we all get together and combine the powers that each one of us has, we are women who can transform the reality we live in.”
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Feminist Popular Education is a liberating endeavor

An interview with Ronald Wesso Mariela Arce and Manuela Arancibia connected with Ronald Wesso over Zoom to discuss his expertise and understanding of Feminist Popular Education (FPE) in Southern Africa and gather insights for JASS’ forthcoming new FPE Guide. During…

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