On April 21st, 15 women activist leaders who are driving the Our Bodies, Our Lives Campaign met with Malawian parliamentarians to put positive women’s issues front and centre on the national HIV/AIDS agenda including the need for comprehensive treatment literacy.
Mirriam Munthali is a dynamic and brave woman activist-leader from Malawi who is using her voice to speak out on the issues that matter most for women from all walks of life, challenging everyone from fellow church members and her local chief to government officials. Read this inspiring story from Mirriam's own words.
Basali Amoho provides a container for women’s activism as individuals and as a community. The group aims to bring diverse women together, whatever their religion or background, to advocate against gender imbalances and violence against women.
In Malawi, the struggle for gender equality and an end to sexual violence has become linked to a public health crisis: HIV/AIDS. According to a 2013 report by the Malawi government, Malawian women are over one-and-a-half times more likely than their male counterparts to contract HIV.


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