Feminist popular education

Here we are in Panama -- 33 women from Mexico, Central America and the US sharing and deepening our understanding of power and patriarchy with all the passion and creativity that our collective energy and experience generate! Our location -- right beside the Panama Canal – adds an historic and political element to our workshop. For almost an entire century, the canal represented the imperial power of the US in Latin America. The long struggle of the Panamanians to gain control of the Canal was finally achieved in 1999.
Just a short note from Panama City about Mar de Cambios (July 5-10), where around 40 women from different MesoAmerican countries are discussing about feminism and how the patriarchal power affects ourselves and our society.
Is it possible to build a strong transnational organization – part movement, part NGO, part network – that retains flexibility and energy, resists bureaucratization, and truly recognizes and builds on differences? That’s our goal as JASS! In December 2009, we gathered to track our journey, learn from each other and from allies’ experiences, and name the principles that underpin this work
Making Change Happen is a series of short publications about the strategies and ideas shaping social justice work produced by Just Associates in collaboration with various partners. Each publication takes on a different theme.


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