Feminist movement-building

JASS Southern Africa continues to bridge divides and to foster feminist leadership and action to confront stigma and improve health and lives.
How can we truly engage all generations in our movements? We all have something valuable to offer, no matter what our age, and yet the ageism that often blocks us has not been explicitly addressed. This paper is intended to provoke a discussion about age discrimination or ageism as a factor in building sustainable feminist movements.
The Feminist Transformation Watch (FTW) emerged from processes of feminist popular education and movement building and is designed to support the creativity and courage of women who are questioning, confronting and transforming power. A constantly evolving methodology and political action approach, the FTW was created by the Petateras2, women activists and popular educators from the Americas with long histories of working for equality and social justice.
This JASS crossregional gathering brings together 27 close allies, board and staff from 17 countries for an exciting learning and visioning process about feminist movement-building from local to global levels.
A creative and artful presentation on the importance of theory. It reaffirms JASS' core philosophy, vision and theory of change.
JASS’ third annual crossregional gathering assembled 27 close allies, board members and staff from 17 countries for a learning and visioning process about feminist movement-building from local to global levels.This presentation situates JASS from its inception.
We have rights but we are still limited. Now it changes a lot, we can be candidates for election, for commune council, and also district council and deputy governor…women are encouraged to participate in society.– Workshop participant, Cambodia
“We must involve the bosses. We can not move without them. The bosses are our partners. Many of them are just victims of the system too. Most of the employers mean well. All we need to do is raise their awareness and they will be ok. We did a workshop with some of the most senior bosses last year, just one workshop.
JASS Southern Africa is building the leadership and organizing capacity of Malawian women to pressure local and national government to make development resources accessible and to deliver on laws that supportwomen and HIV‐positive people. By organizing the power of their numbers, women can make their voices heard in order to confront stigma, increase access to healthcare, and improve basic livelihoods.


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