Dealing with conflict

On the heels of the Constitutional referendum, JASS SNA Regional Coordinator, Shereen Essof  launched her book, SheMurenga: The Zimbabwe Women’s Movement 1995-2000 in Harare and led a five women panel of dynamic and storied feminist activists spanning generations of organizing in Zimbabwe.  
Twenty-six women – Liberian and their visitors – several small children and a few men are pressed into the round, mud-walled hut.
Attacks against women and women activists are on the rise in Mexico and Central America. Policy analyst and journalist Laura Carlsen details this dangerous trend.  Also available in Spanish (file below) and in English on: America's Program Huffington Post * Photo courtesy of America's Program. 
Violence against women has a fundamental way of upholding inequality. Women’s movements have made the struggle to end violence a main priority and as a result, they are frequently attacked and harassed by powerful groups that benefit from the oppression of women. JASS Mesoamerica joins the global 16 days of activism against gender violence campaign, spotlighting the violence suffered by women human rights defenders in Mexico and Central America fueled by militarization and authoritarian practices that limit women's rights.


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