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Check out these timely resources on "closing civic space" and the protection of activists co-produced by JASS and the Fund for Global Human Rights.
Last April, the EDGE Funders Alliance held its Reorganizing Power for Systems Change conference in Barcelona, providing social movement activists, organizations, and progressive donors an excellent opportunity to discuss strategies for advancing transformative social change through and across our various movement struggles. JASS attended the conference and emerged with a global feminist twist on the framework and accompanying diagram which shaped the dialogue
From November 15 – 17, 2017, JASS and the Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR) convened a learning exchange in Johannesburg, South Africa for a mix of civil society actors – activists, international NGOs and donors from Mesoamerica, East and Southern Africa, and Southeast Asia. The goal was to deepen our understanding of the current realities in our contexts and to critically assess and rethink strategies to protect and promote the civic space necessary for movements, civil society, and human rights defenders.
To celebrate this One Billion Rising's theme on SOLIDARITY, we asked activists from our community to share their reflections.
Lucy is a quiet storm, speaking only when necessary, yet intervening with force when confronted with injustice. Lucy’s professional background pertains to project management and organizational development, with an emphasis on movement building, skills which she brings to her role at JASS.
Jenny was born and raised in Tegucigalpa. She studied International Relations, Economics, and Political Science. Jenny has been a part of JASS Mesoamerica since 2017, and is in charge of the administration and logistics of the JASS office in Honduras. Jenny is an advocate of justice and gender equality, as well as a lover of nature and animals. She describes herself as responsible and dependable, as well as light-hearted and fun-loving. Jenny harbors a passion for serving others, compelled to advocate for those who have been rendered voiceless.
JASS joins with the Latin American Working Group, the AFL-CIO and 10 other international organizations along with 6 Members of Congress to support the Organization of American States' (OAS) call for new elections in Honduras.
If there is one thing we can say about this past year, it is that 2017 was the year of women. We were in the streets in dozens of countries – wearing pink hats, no less! We reclaimed our time and we broke the silence.
Learn about the courageous organizing initiatives of four extraordinary networks that we have helped to build, accompany, and sustain.