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Our lives are written on our bodies. Sisters!
We, the Honduran Feminists in Resistance, are convinced that the restitution of democracy to Honduras does not mean only the return to government of President Zelaya – it must also signify respect for the Honduran people’s right to install a Constitutional National Assembly. Only in this way will it be possible to build a new social agreement that grounds the State once more in human rights and in the demands of the population.
Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill is generating outrage among African human rights advocates. A strong argument comes from Solome Nakaweesi-Kimbugwe, Executive Director of Akina Mama wa Afrika and author of a chapter in JASS’ collection Women Navigate Power.
The opening addresses of the Asia Pacific NGO Forum Beijing +15 emphasized the background of the conference and set the tone for the rest of the forum. The speakers recalled the previous AP NGO forum and the Nairobi forum, which contributed to the Beijing Declaration.
By Millcent Tanhira (GALZ) A small stature, a giant voice, a powerful spiritHow best can I describe you, words fail me.Your wit, intelligence and determinationAmidst all the struggle and condemnationWith the stubbornness of a horse, you still roseStood higher than your own height could reachFought with your every breath till the end.A true hero, you are.Saka ndichiti Zororai murugare
In general, JASS sees our role as contributing to change; we don’t claim to cause it. But in certain moments, someone’s life can be transformed bya timely intervention. And that seems to be the case for Yasinta, a young activist from Timor Leste.
“The young Timorese women in JASS are taking up this rare strategic opportunity to influence nation-building and their new government,” says Nani Zulminarni JASS Southeast Asia’s co-director. The Timorese were deeply divided over independence and resulting tensions are affecting nascent women’s movements.
Niken Lestari & Annie Holmes
A group of young women from Indonesia and Timor Leste were invited to the first JASS movement-building institute in Southeast Asia (in Bogor, Indonesia, June 2007). Here, they shared a common language – Indonesian – and a common commitment to social justice, but also the complicated history of their two countries, as colonized and colonizer.
We have been receiving message from Daysi, a young woman who is a feminist in Honduras, writing from the frontlines in Honduras. 22 September, 2009 - Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Building personal and collective empowerment for women’s rights and action