JASS SEA equips women activists with new knowledge, skills and confidence through unforgettable and creative participatory processes that support women to speak out and the challenge norms, prejudices and taboos that perpetuate inequality and poverty.

In the Spotlight

In the Philippines, the message to human rights defenders is clear: anyone who speaks out could be a target. Within just 10 days this past July, 21 people were killed - community leaders, farmers, church workers, and lawyers - in the province of Negros Oriental. The use of violence is a careful strategy meant to instill a culture of silence and fear. For months, the silence was deafening until a community of local people started to come together. JASS with local groups organized an ecumenical prayer and concert for peace that drew 150 individuals and 19 organizations: young women, mothers, academics, artists, and religious groups. Creating a much-needed space, the gathering built solidarity and common ground – a necessary strategy to confront the violence together. A JASS Southeast Asia tells us more.

Women Crossing the Line

“As a Cambodian woman, everyday is a constant negotiation for me. After endless discussions, I was able to convince my mother to give me a chance to get a higher education. It almost seemed impossible, but I was able to do it,” says Chamnorng Som, member of the JASS-inspired organization CYWEN.

Regional Gallery Highlights

From June 17-18, twenty-five Southeast Asian researchers, human rights advocates, grassroots leaders, and activists came together for a conversation about the changing context in Southeast Asia and its impact on women, women’s rights and women’s activism.  

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