Developing a critical political consciousness is at the core of JASS’ feminist movement building strategies. Popular education, or more specifically, feminist popular education, has long served as a conceptual and methodological foundation for JASS’ activist training, learning, organizing, and action.
In the beginning of the so called 21st Century, of one of the least civilized planets of the universe, the economic, political, symbolic, social and military power was in the hands of a few sick men who suffered from such a severe misogyny that they had come to despise life itself. The illness had appeared some five or six thousand years earlier, when the male humans discovered that they had something to do with the reproduction of their species.
A presentation of JASS' progress since 2006 and strategies moving forward. The presentation highlights themes such as JASS' community, relationships, reputation, and power.
Power point presentation highlighting how far JASS has come since 2010. What has JASS learned as organization? What has happened by the 3 regions? What are the goals for the future?
As social, political and economic instability dominates headlines worldwide, members of JASS’ international community are providing their own take on what this means for women’s rights, equality, and wellbeing. Check out JASS’ up-to-the-minute frontline analyses on patriarchy, feminist movement building and security from our annual Crossregional Dialogue in April.
The JASS community is steeped in a particularly political way of learning, analyzing, and taking action. From the beginning, this approach – feminist popular education – has shaped JASS’ vision and strategies. In 2011, JASS undertook a series of activities that highlighted what this approach has meant to the work. Drawing on the thinking and experience of many pioneering popular educators within the network, JASS set out to better understand and define how feminist popular education shapes our movement-building in different contexts.
(November 25 – December 10, 2011) All over the world, young women are taking to the streets to protest gender-based violence. According to the United Nations, up to 70% of all women experience gender-specific violence in their lifetime. In countries like Zimbabwe and Honduras where governments routinely crack down on democratic expression, women are taking a stand, often risking their lives to demand a halt to militarization, corruption, impunity and economic injustice that fuel violence against women.
JASS writes an open letter demanding the Phillipines government to underscore comprehensive women’s health in the Reproductive Health Bill.
The debate is heating up around a controversial national reproductive health bill currently before the Senate. Thirty-five women involved with JASS Philippines have launched an aggressive campaign to put women’s perspectives front and centre in the debate in an attempt to counterbalance the fierce opposition, particularly from the Catholic hierarchy.
Looking back at JASS' Movement Building Initiative in Mesoamerica, Southeast Asia, and Southern Africa


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