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Zimbabwe – Can we count on your support?

  • JASS

Zimbabwe is in trouble. We are writing on behalf of our Zimbabwean staff and allies who are on the frontlines of this political and economic crisis to ask for your help.

You may have seen the headlines about #ZimbabweShutdown and the government’s violent crackdown on people peacefully protesting inhumane economic conditions and policies. The police and military have killed twelve people and injured and detained hundreds.

Zimbabwe held its first elections post-Mugabe’s 37-year-rule last July, which created optimism for change – quickly muted by post-election violence. On January 12, the new government announced an estimated 150% hike in fuel prices (equal to more $3 a gallon in a country where most people live on less than $5.50 per day). The Zimbabwean Congress of Trade Unions called for a peaceful 3-day general strike, joined by many women and men eager to express their demand for change. The government brutally suppressed the mobilization,shutting down the internet and systematically targeting grassroots organizers in their homes, particularly men accused of inciting violence.

In a country where many are already struggling to make ends meet, the violence and shortage of basic supplies is becoming an impossible situation. Please make a donation today to JASS to support our allies working in communities to provide emergency legal services for the unlawfully detained and families seeking redress, medical supplies, and transportation for families. Your contribution will go towards low-income communities, such as Hopely, Epworth, Highfield, Ruwa and Chitungwiza that are the most affected by this crisis and most at risk during the ongoing violence.

As our Zimbabwean staff say: “Like in any crisis, women are invisibly bearing the brunt due to their role as caretakers of families and communitiesFor example, the border (with South Africa) has a heavy military presence, making it hard for women who do cross-border trading to get the basics for sustaining their families. Women and children are also seeing their partners beaten up and shot dead. The fear and the trauma from all of this is paralyzing.”

DONATE to ensure that communities most affected get the support they need to survive this crisis.

Thank you for your solidarity. We can only do this together.


Photo: Reuters

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