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November Movement Building Workshops in Southeast Asia

  • JASS

We have rights but we are still limited. Now it changes a lot, we can be candidates for election, for commune council, and also district council and deputy governor…women are encouraged to participate in society.– Workshop participant, Cambodia

This past November, JASS SEA held three movement building workshops in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. In Cambodia, 26 young activists came together to map the current context, analyze power and develop strategies to strengthen women’s organizing in their country. In the Philippines, JASS SEA partnered with Center for Women’s Resources (CWR) to bring together 29 participants from diverse women’s organizations throughout the country to build bridges across divides and strengthen women’s leadership for movement-building and consolidation through political education, reflection and visioning, and action. Over 40 young women joined JASS SEA in Malaysia for a workshop focused on building grassroots women’s leadership and developing a common vision to use as a base for future action.


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