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Amayi Tadzuka! Women of Malawi, Awake!

  • JASS

JASS’ Malawi Movement Building Initiative – Amayi Tadzuka! Women Awake! –launched in February 2009 with three workshops in Lilongwe, Mzuzu, and Blantyre. Then, at the end of 2009, a national workshop consolidated the transformative process with district-level leaders from February, together with their national-level coordinators. Read Hope Chigudu’s reflections on this innovative process – engaging women from the most intimate to most public levels – and view year-end conclusions by Hope and Sindi Blose.



“Victoria, a teacher by profession, has been using the JASS training to ‘disorganize’ her church, demanding to talk about HIV and AIDS, thus ending the culture of silence and stigma.”

“Asnat went to see the District Commissioner and demanded that seed coupons be given to HIV+ women.”

“Lillian ‘crossed the line’ (her words) by fighting for mobile clinics to provide ARVs for adults and children on the same day to save women multiple journeys each week.”

“Petite Doreen used her new leadership skills to lobby the seed company to supply women living with HIV/AIDS.”

~ Malawian women leaders, nine months after their first JASS workshops

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