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5 Reasons You Should Give to JASS

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Did you see this New York Times piece about what to consider in your end-of-year giving? We give it five stars! Because much of it spoke directly to us, we decided to highlight five reasons why JASS should be top of your giving list this year.

Proximity: We are locally led in 10 countries

JASS is a multiregional, decentralized network that operates from the ground up. For more than a decade, our teams of local activists have worked alongside grassroots women to advance justice and democracy. We have our finger on the pulse of the fast-moving power dynamics that create opportunities and threats for women activists who are on the frontlines of change and crisis. We support those most affected by inequality and injustice to lead the solutions.

Social Capital Matters: Our givers mobilize others

Our solidarity and giving circles are full of ambassadors who mobilize others to support JASS’ work. In New Mexico, Marg VeneKlasen has helped us build a solidarity circle of 35 donors. Read about the amazing Marg here.

Think relationally, not transactionally: It’s also about relationships

We see giving as more than just money. Some of our key institutional donors offer other kinds of support that open other doors and strengthen our impact. Our supporters see themselves as part of our community – helping us to build a better future.

The most effective organizations aren’t necessarily the ones with the most impressive websites.

We will be the first to admit that our website does not exactly meet the standards of Madison Avenue, but in the midst of a mobilization and crisis moment across the globe, sometimes our branding falls way down the to-do list. However, we are excited to unveil a fresh, modern look in 2019! In the meantime, check out some of our recent work that shows the wide scope of our impact: Collective Power, 2017 Annual Report, and Defending Rights in Hostile Contexts.

Respond to urgency, but don’t forget root causes

JASS is all about tackling problems at their roots. We believe that the roots of inequality and violence are not just perpetuated by policies and powerful interests – they’re also deeply embedded in our social relationships. We’re working on changing hearts, minds, and values underlying misogyny, racism, and exploitation.

Consider contributing to JASS every month! DONATE and find many other ways to help us build the movements shaping a safer, healthier future for everyone and for our earth. 

Thank you for all your support over the last decade – join us for the next 10 years.

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