Where We Are

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JASS Mesoamerica

HondurasJASS Mesoamerica strengthens, sustains and mobilizes local-to-regional networks among diverse women activists and organizations in Mexico and Central America to better confront the region’s growing violence and injustice. By creating safe spaces for reflection, skill-building and wellbeing, JASS builds bridges among women human rights defenders for enhanced influence and safety. 

JASS Southern Africa

JASS Southern Africa works with a range of organizations and community leaders – from grassroots HIV activists to LBTI organizers and faith-based leaders - to empower and support activists and their organizations while building their collective power to address practical needs, fight stigma, and influence decision-makers. 

JASS Southeast Asia

jass-seaJASS Southeast Asia works across cultures, generations, and the rural-urban divide in 7 countries, emphasizing popular education and long-term accompaniment to strengthen young women's grassroots organizing and promoting creative social media strategies that empower women to challenge taboos about sex and make their voices more visible.

JASS Crossregional

jass-crossregionalJASS Crossregional’s team facilitates South-South and South-North knowledge exchanges to capture and share lessons from practice about women’s movement-building, while also leveraging JASS’ international influence to mobilize solidarity with the local-to-global networks that drive JASS’ work.